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It’s fresh and straight from the farm

Some supermarket milk travels around NI and beyond before eventually ending up on our supermarket shelves.  ‘It’s Just Milk’ is produced right on your doorstep, straight from our happy cows to you!

It’s creamier

Supermarket milk is both homogenised and standardised. 

But what does that mean?

Homogenisation is the process of reducing the size of the milk fat globules and dispersing uniformly through the rest of the milk.  Standardisation is the process of separating the milk and fat before mixing back together in different quantities – giving you whole, semi-skimmed and skimmed milk.

It’s Just Milk is not subject to either of the above processes and so forms a lovely natural layer of cream on top – yum! 

Our happy ladies

Know where your milk comes from!  There is little to no farm traceability with supermarket milk.  When you buy ‘It’s Just Milk’ you know it comes from a local farm where the cows are well cared for and loved.  Why don’t you follow us on social media for an insight into real life on the farm!


We have branded glass bottles available to purchase so you can make the switch from plastic and re use time and time again (or feel free to bring your own reusable container).

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