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Let's talk agriculture: 'Farm to Fork' special #3

Barclays Let's Talk Business

In this episode, Ffion Parry, an Agriculture Manager at Barclays, discusses sustainability with Richard and Pamela Lilburn, owners of Brookvale Farm in Northern Ireland, who are using technology to help them farm more sustainably. Make money work for you.

Barclays Agri-Tech £250m Fund

Barclays has launched a new campaign to drive awareness amongst consumers on the benefits of helping the food system become carbon net zero.

Sustainability Through Agri-Tech will also provide farmers with access to £250 million which is available to support their business to become carbon net-zero through Agri-Tech solutions.


CAFRE Supports Co.Down  Farmers To Adopt Innovation

In 2018, the Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs (DAERA) launched a new single advisory service aimed at supporting Northern Ireland’s farm and food businesses.  The primary role of the Knowledge Advisory Service was to enhance the development of farm and food businesses through knowledge transfer.  The long term goal was to ensure that productivity, environmental sustainability and resilience would be the primary focus.

Embracing New Technology
On The Farm

"The Lilburn family have been long standing members of the UFU. Brookvale Farm situated just outside Dromore, Co.Down, is where Richard Lilburn farms with his father Thomas, mother Olive and wife Pamela.


The Farm comprises 200 acres with an additional 250 acres rented, where Richard is currently milking 220 pedigree Holstein dairy cows..."

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BBC Country File

" Charlotte Smith is in County Down, Northern Ireland, catching up with the dairy farming Lilburn family after our last visit in June. 

The pressure is on for them – Richard is up against the weather to get his harvest done. Will the rain scupper his plans for his pea crop? Charlotte also hits the road with Pamela to meet local suppliers providing for the new farm shop, and there’s some taste-testing to do on bakes – good news for the three Lilburn children."

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