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The Cows At Brookvale Farm

Having happy, comfy cows is our number 1 priority at Brookvale, everything is carefully tailored to suit their needs, from the food they eat, to the beds they lie on, to the back scratchers that get to those hard to reach places, we put a huge emphasis on keeping our cows in 5 star luxury, comfy cows are happy cows! We also walk through the cows at least 6 times per day to make sure everyone is in tip top shape and to ensure we pick up on any potential issues as quickly as possible. Each individual cow has her own name, number and personality within the herd making it easy to tell the mischievous herd members from the rest. At Brookvale we pride ourselves on our cow management, the cows always come first on our farm whether it’s 4am or 10pm you can guarantee the welfare of our girls is at the top of the priority list!


Our baby calves are the happiest around, giant deep straw pens to play in, fresh milk on tap and even a selection of toys to play with, you can guarantee our calves are well catered for. We bed up our babies every day making sure they have plenty of fresh clean straw to nestle down into and maintain the highest hygiene levels to ensure they are in the perfect conditions. Our babies are fed using an automatic milk machine which provides them with fresh milk whenever they feel like it. After a good feed they love nothing more than playing with their space hopper toys or running rings around their pen with their mates. All to be followed by the comfiest sleep in some especially comfy beds!

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